Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear friends:

I just returned from Sierra Leone and wanted to share some traveling tips to those who wish to fly off to Africa. Hope the list helps.

As always,

Sage xo

  1. Smile.

  2. Be prepared. Over prepare, if need be. Pack the following items: tissue, sunscreen, loose fitting clothes, a flashlight, and baby wipes.

  3. Carry cash, travelers checks and ALWAYS go with VISA. Master Card and American Express, DISCOVER are not always processed and / or accessible at ATMS, banks, etc.

  4. Wear a hat. It covers a multitude of sins such as dry and unconditioned hair.

  5. Be open and free ... we made lots of friends by being friendly.

  6. When eating breakfast, lunch or dinner be aware that some people around you are hungry. Save some portions and share ...

  7. If you don't like beer; entertain the idea of drinking it while you set up your African residency. Like your hat, beer is essential to your well being and health.

  8. Get your travel shots and malaria tablets. If possible, buy more malaria tablets than needed ... caring is some cases is sharing.

  9. Travel light -- ship your supplies and doll-making workshop essentials; as it gets costly when checking your HEAVY bags in the airport.

  10. Always have snacks on hand. We made lots of friends by sharing fruit roll-ups, goldfish and crackers and /or biscuits with the many of the children in Sierra Leone.


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