Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear WAATSI follower(s):

I am traumatized to learn that Seth Walsh, a thirteen year old adolescent was taken off life support recently. He attempted to take his own life; due to the ongoing taunting and teasing - in regard to his affect and gentle spirit. It has been reported that those children that hurt him with words - were in tears to learn that their teasing could have influenced his actions. Sadly those teasers and taunters will never know. Seth is gone now.

In these times, where not asking and not telling is being upheld - it is just elementary knowledge that human beings are different, special and some even stick out from the masses. Take me for example - an alien being with no external skin. If you are not familiar with my history on earth - I arrived just a decade ago in form of a children's story book, entitled WE ARE ALL THE SAME INSIDE and doll-making workshop. In this story, I too was harassed, teased and even ran away from the diverse earthling characters that belittled me - because I was different from them.

When the earthlings rejected me - I tried to mask who I was for their acceptance, but I slipped up and exposed my inner core. In my story, the message and mission is to embrace our individuality as well as have the knowledge that we ALL want to have a sense of belonging. In essence, embrace our common humanity.

Regardless of your B.A.V.'s (beliefs, attitudes and values) can we agree that an adolescent has a right to an education as well as a right to be be protected and feel safe at home, in school and within a community? Hope so.

I am truly thinking of the Walsh family in their time of grief. I hope that we can truly embrace each other and help make this earthly nonsense stop.

With respect and love, for ALL - Sage


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