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With recent news about clashing religions over the Ground Zero mosque controversy, online and campus bullying that leads to suicide, and continuing skirmishes about immigration and basic human rights, the We Are All The Same Inside ® - Sage doll-making workshop message is needed more than ever.

Award winning children's author, illustrator and educator, Timothy D. Bellavia says the only way to stop bullying and harassment of any adolescent or teen student is to teach diversity and tolerance at a young age. "The recent epedemic of hazing, beatings and the suicide of Rutger's University Freshmen Tyler Clementi is just devastating. His death is a reminder of how even in these seemingly progressive times - students think its okay to harass, humiliate and torment their peers because of they are seemingly different, but we are indeed all the same inside." According to a report, "More than 85 percent of teen students report of being harassed because of their sexual or gender identity, and more than 20 percent report of being physically attacked."
The Brooklyn Historical Society will host the 10th Anniversary edition book, CD & DVD launch party and Sage doll-making workshop on October 24, from 1 PM to 3 PM that will feature an exclusive, anniversary edition of the Sage doll that are all numbered and stonewashed specifically for this celebration. The Brooklyn Historical Society is located at 128 Pierrpont Street in Brooklyn Heights, NY.
All of the Sage dolls created for this event will honor notable people connected to Brooklyn. Participants of all ages, races, religions, creeds, genders, orientations will then have the chance to create their own Brooklyn Sage doll with hair, yarn, leather, rhinestones, beads and more! The event filled afternoon will also include a read aloud, book signings and special a musical performance by LOUIE.

Bellavia, author of "We Are All The Same Inside" series has devoted his life to spreading the message of acceptance. He too, was bullied as a teenager for being different. "Like many teens growing up; I lived for a day where I could exist without being tormented or harassed. Luckily, I was able to escape that by moving to Brooklyn and New York City - where human diversity is embraced." Bellavia created a diversity workshop where participants create dolls to recognize that despite our differences, ultimately - "We Are All The Same Inside."The reissued 10th anniversary edition of We Are All The Same Inside® includes a brand new, eye-popping cover and the original 32-page story, featuring the lovable and recognizable alien, Sage. Additionally, the book contains rare and unseen images, paper doll patterns and lesson plans that educators can use in their classes and parents and/or guardians can use at home to further illustrate the book's message.

Over the past decade, Bellavia has led hundreds of workshops in classrooms, museums, and colleges across the country. We Are All The Same Inside ®, the book and accompanying Sage doll, was created by artist and educator Timothy D. Bellavia, to celebrate a message of tolerance among all peoples - while also embracing each other's differences. Bellavia himself has toured over a hundred schools over the last decade, using his props to teach human diversity to children, and picking up many awards along the way. Bellavia has also collaborated with Sesame Workshop, We Are Family Foundation, and the NYC Culural Affairs.
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This needs to end it's so sad!

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I agree. :(

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