Sunday, June 9, 2024

Watching the series "Eric" (2024) on Netflix was a surprisingly poignant experience. The troubled protagonist Vincent is puppeteer, clinging to the impossible hope of reuniting with his missing son Edgar through his giant puppet named "Eric". This series resonated deeply with my own journey with the "Sage" doll.
Just like Vincent with "Eric", the Sage doll became my catalyst for tolerance, a vessel for the stories I poured into my children's picture book pages and students' lives. While Vincent desperately seeks a connection to his estranged son Edgar, I found a unique way to foster connection and inspire creativity in countless young minds and even connected with celebrities that continue to inspire me. Both Vincent and I, through our artistic mediums, discovered a way to bridge the gap between the tangible and the intangible, the seen and the unseen.
Vincent's unwavering belief in a fantastical transformation mirrored my own belief in the power of puppets and dolls in the classroom. These seemingly simple objects become powerful tools for navigating difficult concepts and conversations. They create a safe space for students to explore emotions and reveal hidden vulnerabilities. The Netflix series reminded me that even in the darkest moments, there's a spark of power within us all. Just like Vincent, with the support of "Eric", we can find the strength to transform ourselves.
Vincent the protagonist in the Netflix series "Eric" troubled as he is dreams of transforming the world, by the end of this he discovered a powerful truth: the greatest transformation most often needs be within. He realized that his dolls and puppets were mere reflections of the need to change himself NOT the world he sought to reshape. Here are some additional musings and thoughts prompted by the Netflix series "Eric" and my teaching experiences using dolls and puppets:
* Power of the Metaphor: Puppets and dolls act as metaphors, allowing students to express themselves indirectly,fostering deeper understanding. *Unlocking Emotions: Dolls and puppets can help children feel safe enough to explore difficult emotions, leading to catharsis and growth. * Building Empathy: By creating characters and stories, students can develop empathy by stepping into the shoes of others.
"Eric" serves as a powerful reminder that transformation, even the seemingly impossible, can be sparked by a little bit of belief and a whole lot of creativity. It reinforces my own commitment to using the dolls or puppets in any classroom to empower my students and foster positive change in their contexts of learning.


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