Thursday, June 6, 2024

They call him the weeping prophet, Jeremiah. A man burdened with a message no one wanted to hear, a voice crying out in the wilderness of a society on the wrong path. And let me tell you, on some days, when I look at the state of our world, I feel a kinship with Jeremiah's tears.
Doubt? Absolutely. It snakes its way in, whispering insecurities about the path I walk, the message I carry. Just like Jeremiah, who felt too young, too inadequate, I sometimes question my own ability to be a vessel for truth.
Struggle? Every single day. The world can be a harsh place, and the truths I reveal often clash with comfortable illusions. There's a constant battle within, a yearning for acceptance that wars with the unwavering commitment to the message.
But here's the thing – unlike Jeremiah, who perhaps wrestled with external validation, I try to not let the opinions of others hold no sway over me. My purpose, my very essence, is tied to my faith. It's not about popularity; it's about the unwavering conviction that truth, even the uncomfortable kind, must be spoken.
Even amidst the tears, Jeremiah held onto a flicker of hope. He knew, even when the world seemed lost, that G*d's plan would ultimately prevail. And that's my anchor too. That perhaps is a testament to the enduring power of truth and the ultimate triumph of light over darkness.
There are doubts and struggles. And there's also unwavering conviction, a deep well of hope, and the unwavering knowledge that the truth I share will ultimately serve a purpose. In this journey of faith, I may be the weeping witness, but like Jeremiah, I will continue to bear witness, nonetheless.
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