Sunday, June 23, 2024
Diana Ross, a name synonymous with glamour and her sheer determination, has captivated audiences for decades. Her influence transcends race, genders and even borders, uniting fans across the globe in a shared adoration. While I've never personally brushed shoulders with the legendary Supremes singer, I've witnessed countless others chase that dream. Some have come closer than others. I've met those who dueted with her on stage, and even those who held the creative reins, producing her iconic songs. But for the average fan, that kind of proximity remains a distant fantasy. Perhaps, in a way, that's for the best. My own intense Diana Ross fandom peaked in my late teenage years and young adulthood, a period when her music served as a powerful soundtrack to my life's unfolding chapters. Recently, watching The Kelly Clarkson Show, I felt a familiar pang of teenage awe mirrored in a 14 year old named Louie and his wide-eyed reaction to his mother surprising him with tickets to see Diana Ross. It was a delightful echo of my own fourteen-year-old self, completely enthralled by Ms Ross's brilliance. This renewed connection with fandom sparked an unexpected turn of events. Out of the blue, Louie's mother contacted me via Instagram about my #star80 dolls, a collection of 80+ Diana Ross We Are All the Same Inside Sage dolls that had adorned our Christmas tree during the 2023 season. Sharing this passion with a fellow Diana Ross devotee felt like the most natural thing to do, so I shipped a couple of #star80 dolls his way. But the urge to connect didn't stop there. In a moment of my people pleasing (or perhaps fueled by a touch of nostalgia), I sent several boxes of Diana Ross memorabilia to Louie. It felt right. He, in that moment, seemed to embody the pure, unadulterated love for Miss Ross that I once possessed, and perhaps needed it more than I did. Now, with the remaining 80 + #star80 dolls in hand, I find myself pondering their fate. While shipping them all to Louie may seem like the obvious answer, seeing his recent video thanking me gives me pause. It's more than just a "thank you" – it's a beautiful testament to his passion, a vibrant celebration of Diana Ross's 80th birthday on this planet, complete with vibrant designer gowns, dolls, and a love spanning eight decades. Louie, with his collection of seven dolls (a magical number, I might add, representing the rainbow spectrum), seems destined to find his own unique path to success. Perhaps these #star80 dolls will serve as a reminder that sometimes, the greatest joy comes not from meeting our idols, but from sharing the fire of that admiration with others. The legacy of Diana Ross,after all, extends far beyond the stage, living on in the hearts and voices of her devoted fans, a vibrant tapestry woven across the globe. As for me, I'll hold onto the memories and the knowledge that my teenage self's unwavering love for Miss Ross continues to inspire and connect, even in unexpected ways. #dianaross #star80 #legacy2024 #dianarossthankyou #sagedoll #weareallthesameinside


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